electronic music

Stefan Cerjak a.k.a. Dulash der DJ is a DJ, producer and event organizer from Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is  the co-founder of Scienceofuse, an electronic music collective which has been organizing events and    producing music since 2001. As the co-organiser of the Gumitwist club nights, he has hosted some of
the finest names in electronic music, such as A Guy Called Gerald, Morphosis, Octave One, Alexander   Robotnick and many, many more.
Since 2012, he has been active as a producer and performer in the live acid-techno band Niplodok with  E.B.King and DJ Dojaja. He has also released chill out and downtempo music under the Stashman alias  on the Chilli Space compilation.The 10th installment of this long-running compilation marks the first time
his music has appeared on vinyl.
He has performed live as Stashman at the Sonica Festival with Plaid and DJed at festivals such as  Dimensions and Exit. His DJ-ing style is best described as an eclectic mix of electronic styles from italo  disco to techno via acid house and electro influences with a pinch of the old and a teaspoon of the new.

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