Jake is a musician and DJ from Split, Croatia.

His musical journey began in the late 80s and early 90s, playing drums in a local bands.
In the beginning of 90s with several friends he founded crossover band called RECTUM with which he soon entered the studio and recorded an album.Few tracks from album get released on few compilations and got very good critics but unfortunately the album was never released as the band fall apart during the 1995.

Explosion of electronic music in mid 90s attracted his attention and he became interested for it.
1996 he started dj-ing , playing mostly deep house and chicago house music in his sets.
Soon he became resident dj in legendary Split club UP & DOWN where he spin alongside with some of best croatian and foreign dj s.He hold the residency till 2001 when the club is closed.

After the 2001 he was working like freelance dj playing in most of the clubs and events in Split and whole Dalmatia region.

He was one of the pioneers of the tech house sound in Split.
In the early 2000 s he also organizing parties in the different clubs bringing some of the biggest names of the genre at that time like Eddie Richards,Terry Francis,Richard Grey,Dave Mothersole…….etc.

Today in his sets you can hear various styles from deep house to techno.

Like the man said, his style is deep house music with groovy techno elements!