Techno / Tech House / Electronica

Jolly Joke was born in 1984 in Ploče. Creativity in music he began to explore while still in school. By studying music and its instruments, in all genres and forms he comes across electronic music as well. Infatuated with electronics and instruments he buys a turntables and other equipment, he gets his first engagements with local clubs and bars. At the begining of 2008 he launches a project named Hard Sintetic, with the idea of organizing and promoting electronic underground scene in the city of Ploče and the surrounding area.

This is how he comes to residency in one local club where under that name he organizes lots of events with different names of Croatian underground scene. Positive reactions of the audience motivated him for further work and bigger projects, which he still regularly organizes today. At the same time he guest performs at almost all known clubs and attractive locations and festivals through out Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2012 he starts collaborating with Galinac Galinac, and together they start a project known as TECHNOTICA, which quite fast gains a huge reputation on domestic underground scene.

Up to now he performed with names such as: West Bam, Cristian Varela, Carlo Lio, Jon Rundell, Nicole Moudaber, Alexander Kowalski, Anna, Tom Hades, Oxia, Hollen, Silicone Soul, Terry Francis, Steve Mulder, Petar Dundov, Marko Nastic, Mladen Tomic, Sinisa Tamamovic and much more…

In his energetic sets you can hear the drive from techhouse to techno, with massive bass lines and rhythm percussions, with crazy melodies and unavoidable funky rhythm.