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Born 04.12.1982 in Zagreb
At the age of seventeen he enters the world of music and through his still undefined style introduces with various groups and producers which will later have great influence on his musical development (Daft Punk, Prodigy, Kraftwerk,Aphex Twin, Hardfloor, DJ Hell etc). His interest in electronic music was the reason for getting to know the croatian underground party scene, and after some time, an interest emerged towards combining records.

Through a very short period of time, on the iniciative of the promoters, he got a chance to appear on OBSERVATION humanitarian event in Zagreb’s club Tvornica, after which he participates in ORBITAL PROJECT in Zagreb’s OTV club. Those two events made a great impact on his determination. 1999/2000 a group of new upcoming DJs is formed, led by Nitro, Teo Harouda and Marko Musulin. The group soon establishes itself through various venues in croatian clubs (Mikulichi, Valentino, Sokol, Arion, OTV). The first residency soon follows, HI CUT in Zagreb’s club Gjuro II, with Slaven Damjanic.

For over a year, Harouda had a chance to present his unique mixing style throughout Croatia but also in Serbia, Bosnia and Slovenia.DJ contest I CHOOSE MY DJ in the club The Best was another opportunity to demonstrate his talents, winning the second place gained him a residency at the same club with the program TECHNO CLUB which was a host to many established artists (Technasia, James Ruskin, Oscar Mulero etc).

Playing with them had a lot of influence on Harouda’s musical development.He participated in all major parties and festivals in the region (Orbital Project, Astralis, Trainspotting, Future Sound of Zagreb, Synchro, Techstylism, Techno Club, Mozaik, Stereo Studio, Carnival Party in Rijeka, Energy Fest in Serbia, Virginity in Slovenia, Rabac Summer Festival etc). Simultaneosly with The Best, Harouda also had a residency at Rijeka’s Fun Academy, and also takes part in the Love Boat party which took place on the sea.He is currently performing at the Zagreb’s club Boogaloo and legendary Direct Drive programme, while organising Concept events. Harouda’s musical preference of the moment is focused on minimalistic techno sound, but his boundaries are often expanded to other techno styles.